This gazebo inspired the portal from which Hailey and Alex first enter Coursodon.  The structure can be found at Terra Studios in Durham, AR (near Fayetteville, AR in the Ozark Mountains).  I can picture the sun reflecting off all the little glass bluebirds.  It must be beautiful!




A Harris's Hawk.  There's a family of them that lives in our neighborhood.  They are almost always in a group and make a lot of noise.  And we do call the mom and dad "Maris and Ferris".  They are big, magnificent creatures and are unique in the bird of prey world in that they hunt cooperatively, usually in familial groups.



The inspiration for "Pancho's" in Special Offers.  Would you eat here if you didn't know the food was delicious?  I've eaten at Frank's hundreds of times and contrary to Sebastian's fears, have never gotten food poisoning once!



The inspiration for the Klydilap in Special Deceptions.

Male tapirs do, indeed, have a prehensile penis (and snout).  If you'd like to see a rather disturbing visual, click below.  (I warned you.  You won't be able to peel the image out of your brain once you've seen it).

Scratch My Itch

The Kanamara Matsuri festival in Kawasaki, Japan, gave me the idea for the Klydilap festival.