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Magic Unfurled

Book One of the Interdimensional Magic Series

Two kinds of people inhabit my world: those with loads of magic and those with little or none.


The Haves—usually warlords and their henchmen—use their arcane abilities to keep the Have Nots firmly squashed beneath their enchanted thumbs.

Unfortunately, I fall into the second category. 

The only thing worse in this lawless and brutal world than being magically stunted?

Being a woman.


This book is full of drama, clever humor, and interesting characters. M.L. Ryan has crafted a plot that you'll lose yourself in, the worldbuilding skills are amazing, and the attention to detail adds so much texture and volume. Grab Magic Unfurled the first chance you get.

                            T. Ruggles, Reader's Favorite 


Hooked again. Any reader who enjoyed Coursodon Dimension will enjoy this as well. Looking forward to more!

               K.B., Amazon customer


A precious gift from a truly gifted writer.

                  S.D., Amazon customer

This one starts out with a bang and keeps up the action and character building. I can't wait for book 2!

               S.C., Amazon customer

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