Magic Unfurled


Two kinds of people inhabit my world: those with loads of magic and those with little or none. The Haves—usually warlords and their henchmen—use their arcane abilities to keep the Have Nots firmly squashed beneath their enchanted thumbs.


Unfortunately, I fall into the second category. 


The only thing worse in this lawless and brutal world than being magically stunted?


Being a woman.

On my own since age eleven, I stayed alive by posing as a boy, stealing to keep my belly full, and never lingering in one place for long.


Lonely? Sure, but it kept me safe for eight long years.


Until I picked the wrong gang to filch a loaf of bread from. 

If not for the magically skilled warriors who saved me, the blunder surely would have been my last. While the last place I wanted to be was in the hands of a warlord, they didn’t give me much choice.

I fully intended to get the hell out of their camp at the first opportunity. And I would have, too, if everyone hadn’t been so damned nice. Or not dangled an offer to teach me how to use the powerful magic I didn’t know I had. 

Magic Unfurled, Book One of the Interdimensional Magic Series, chronicles the parallel dimension of Dekankara introduced in M.L. Ryan’s award-winning Coursodon Dimension series.

Coming Soon!

Book Two

Magic Concealed


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